Article awards in 2024

The Foundation for the Advancement of Finnish Securities Markets has awarded the following researchers with article prizes.

Vesa Pursiainen
PublicationReview of Financial Studies
ArticleThe Disutility of Stock Market Losses: Evidence From Domestic Violence
Juhani Linnainmaa
PublicationReview of Financial Studies
ArticleFactor Momentum
Mathias Kronlund
PublicationReview of Financial Studies
ArticleDo Corporations Retain Too Much Cash? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Erkki Vihriälä
PublicationJournal of Financial Economics
ArticleSelf-imposed liquidity constraints via voluntary debt repayment
Michael Ungeheuer
PublicationManagement Science
ArticleHow to Alleviate Correlation Neglect in Investment Decisions
Samuli Knupfer, Elias Rantapuska, Matti Sarvimäki
PublicationReview of Finance
ArticleSocial Interaction in the Family: Evidence from Investors’ Security Holdings
Andrey Ermolov
PublicationReview of Finance
ArticleThe Variance Risk Premium in Equilibrium Models
Joakim Westerholm
PublicationJournal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
ArticleInvestor Behavior at the 52-Week High